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When we started this company, we honestly had no idea how much impact it would make on kids with special needs such as Autism. Our home play gyms are a safe and effective way for them to burn off excess energy and stay active, even when it’s not possible to go outside.

Spider V2 Max is a combination of a Model T2 and two sets of the Monkey Bars additions. Additional Monkey Bars allow you to expand your play gym and make it longer or you can have a 90-degree shape configuration. . . Check out the Brainrich community favorite configurations for the Spider V2 Max

Brainrich Kids Play Gyms can be used by all ages. Kids, toddlers, teens, and even adults can use this indoor play gym to exercise and improve their physical fitness, coordination, balance, and strength.
Kids need play to strengthen their behavioral and emotional well-being, promote independence, and enhance physical fitness. And creating a playroom for your kids should encourage them to play! Giving them the room will help them reach independence and creativeness in playing.
One way to encourage your kiddos to open-ended play from our previous series is to invest in open-ended toys. These toys will encourage communication, creativity and imagination, problem-solving skills for all ages.
Not all of our kiddos will get too inspired to be in an open-ended play. Sometimes they need some encouragement from their parents and be surrounded by things that can lead them to imaginative play. Here are some ideas on how to encourage open-ended play in your kiddos:
Open-ended play is an essential part of early childhood development. Giving your kids the time and environment to open-ended play will foster their creativity and decision-making skills. Let’s dive into more specific benefits of open-ended play to your kids:
We all know that play has an essential part of our little kiddos’ learning and development. Engaging them in play-based learning is an opportunity to develop their skills and creativity. Open-ended play allows the kids to explore and experiment freely without rules, limits, or instructions.
When adults hear the word “exercise” or “physical activities”, they think of doing heavy lifting or working out at the gyms. For kids, it means playing during their break time, running and playing tag, riding bikes, dancing, or climbing. Encouraging your kids to be active will help them develop in different ways, not just physically, but also improve their emotional, mental, and social health.
We created our play gyms to be modular so that you can build your own configuration depending on your space and needs. Exploring a variety of things you can attach to your indoor play gym will bring more action and excitement to your kids. 
It is winter season again! This means more time for building a snowman, ice skating, and hot chocolate! But as it gets icy and frigid cold, we will definitely end up getting stuck at home. While the parents will enjoy cooking, reading, and spending quiet time with their families, the kids become restless. While it is best to keep our kids actively exploring outdoors, times like these give them more harm than good. So, it brings us back to the question: What do I do to keep the fun during the cold winter season? Surely we don’t want the kids to sit on the couch looking at their screens all day.

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