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Model W1 Assembly

Here are some tips that are Not shown on the video:

Tip 1: start with taking everything out of the boxes, then use the box to keep all the parts such as nuts, bolts, holds, covers etc. inside of the box. This will help you not to lose them.

Tip 2: Please, please, please, keep your kids away during the installation process. It will save you a good amount of time + it is safer for them.

Tip 3: Definitely use 2 people for this process.

Tip 4: Use the magnetic stud finder such as this one:

Tip 5: The ladder is 16 inches wide, the net is 32 inches wide - this should perfectly align with the studs in your typical walls.

However, not all the studs are 16 inches apart, be aware of that.

We recommend using a 2x4 or a sheet of plywood that you could attach to the wall prior to mounting the gym.

Consider the following dimensions for the 2x4: 0.75"x3.5"x6'
You will actually only need 5' long plank, you can ask to cut it as the store or use the extra length to hang something else.

If you have a brick wall, then follow the exact steps in this video, but if you have a typical, sheetrock, wall, then you do NOT need to use the orange wall inserts.

If you have a concrete wall, then you will need to get a special type of bolts. Please ask someone at a store to help you get the right one.

Tip 6: Use plyers to help you to pull the rope net ends. It is just easier on your fingers :-)

Tip 7: When making the holes in the wall, be aware that you may do them at a slight angle. If your drill is looking up at a tiny angle, this may result in the whole structure being pulled up when you screw the heavy duty bolts to attach the gym.

What can happen is that the gym may end up being "hanged" on the wall, while you would want it to "sit" on the floor.

So, if anything, create a tiny-tiny angle with the drill, looking down. This will pull the gym down when you attach it.

If in doubt, or if you simply have any questions, please give us a call, email us, or send a message via facebook messenger.

Total Assembly time varies but it will most likely take you around 2-3 hours between unpacking, assembling it on the floor, locating studs, and finally, attaching it to the wall.

The following videos are applicable to the Model T1 and the Spider 

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