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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Brainrich Kids, here are some commonly asked questions with the associated answers:

A: All of our products have non-toxic materials that are safe for kids. We use non-toxic and scratch resistant powered paint, the highest quality plastic and steel.

A: BrainRich play gyms have been tested with a 200kg (440lb) load on the frame which allows us to advertise the maximum allowable loads of 100 kg or 220 lb. There are no exposed sharp edges or holes, we have thought of every detail by covering these so your kids don’t injure their hands. We’ve put anti-slip grips on the actual bars.

It is important to strictly follow the assembly instructions and test the integrity of the whole unit before you let your kids play with it. It is important to periodically check the tension and/or safety of the wall mounts. It is also important to educate your children on some basic safety rules and closely watch them when they are utilizing the play gym.

It is highly recommended to use safety mats or crash pads with our play gyms. You can find some options on Nuggetcomfort.com, Wesellmats.com or simply Google or Amazon.

A: Check out our blog post which highlights all the benefits. In a nutshell, the Brainrich play gyms help your kids develop strength and dexterity in their kids. Kids need to keep busy and the Brainrich play gyms help them keep busy physically and mentally. Firstly, the play gyms help your kids get stronger and develop muscles. Secondly, the play gyms help your kid’s brains develop through the different and creative ways they can use these gyms. Our play gyms are also great for kids with autism and some other physical disabilities. Our play gyms promote independence, individual thinking, and creativity.

A: If you weigh less than 220lbs go for it! In fact, we get lots of feedback from moms and dads who have used the play gyms so much they advise us on great improvements and enhancements. Additionally, we’ve got some cool dips stations and additional equipment that could be used by adults as well. Why not use the Brainrich play gyms to get the entire family fit? We’ve got a few #instamoms that love to show off their routines with our cool-looking equipment.

A: You will want to install the play gyms in a stud/joist, either on the ceiling or the wall. Using a stud finder device will make this an easy process. If the distance between the studs does not work or you are still not certain about your ceiling’s capabilities, simply get a piece of plywood, secure it to the wall using at least 2 studs and mount the gym to the plywood. American homes are very different one from each other, we urge you to use your common sense and ask around if needed. It will not work on the office type ceilings – if you can poke a hole in it with your finger it is not a good idea to install a gym against it. Still unsure – just give us a call and we can offer specific advice! When it is ready, we will upload a video to address this specific topic.

A: We have some ladder extensions that will add 52cm but if your ceiling is over 10 ft then consider a Model W2 or Model W2 Max instead.

A: Yes, the carpet will get compressed so you may want to check on it the next day to make sure that the necessary tension is still there. You will want to periodically check the tension.

A: There are dimensions provided under descriptions of each model. You should consider providing some safe zone around the gym itself, we recommend at least 3ft radius so your kids have space and freedom to have fun without worrying about injury.

A: We recommend our play gyms for kids 3+ years old. You can adjust the height of the monkey bars, the pull-up bar as well as the length of pretty much all other additional equipment: rings, ropes, swings etc. Our play gyms will be your kids’ favorite activity for years!

A: We want our gyms to work great for your child as they grow and therefore our gyms have been designed to be adjustable. Our gyms can be configured based on the height of your ceiling and/or the height of your child. You can move the monkey bars or pull-up bars up or down. The length of the rings, trapeze, swings, rope etc. can be easily adjusted in minutes. You can also get an additional bar with a net, pull-up bar, dips station and more by looking at our additional equipment section. We are continually adding new equipment so check back regularly!

A: It is frustrating when things get lost while unpacking (or if you have a little one helping you :-) ), sometimes it could be that we’ve missed something when packaging the play gyms as well. In any case, please let us know as soon as you can and we will make sure you get a replacement. Send us an email at info@brainrichkids.com.

A: We offer a 12 month manufacturer warranty but please do reach out to us if you have any issues beyond that time frame. We expect your play gym to last at least 5 years so we will do our best to help you maintain it.

A: If we are at fault and you are not satisfied with the Brainrich play gym we will take it back within the first 30 days of purchase and will offer you a full refund.
Please measure your space carefully before you buy, check the shipping address and make sure you are getting the color you want. It would be unfair to us and to others if you decide to return our products based on these, easily avoidable, misjudgments. Again, if we are at fault or, God forbid, you’ve got a defective part, we will take the full responsibility and will do our best to replace the items for you.
If you decide to return your set, based on the circumstances we may ask you to cover the cost of shipping to you and you may be responsible for the cost of shipping it back to us.
The best solution is to simply giving us a call. We are very responsive and reasonable. We will always do our best to understand and help you.

A:Many companies artificially raise their prices in order to offer you a discount later on. We don't think it would be fair to those parents that would pay the full price. That is why we don't run promotions or offer discounts or coupons. We just keep our prices steady while we are constantly improving our products. On the other hand, if you have a kid with special needs such as Autism, we can help you if you give us a call at 805-203-6695 or email us at info@brainrichkids.com. It is also highly advised to sign up for our newsletter in case we actually do decide to offer you a special deal.

A:As we mentioned, if you are under 100kg/220lb you are also able to use our gym and get fit. If home gym equipment is eligible for the reimbursement with your employer, then you surely can do so with our products. Don’t forget to share your email with us at the checkout so you could receive your receipt via email. If you have trouble locating it, check your spam, updates or other folders, if it is not there, send us an email at info@brainrichkids.com.

A:Before COVID we would ship orders placed before 4pm EST the same day. Orders placed after 4pm EST would be shipped the next business day. They would arrive in just 3-5 business days to you. During COVID, we are taking pre-orders and in some instances it may take several months before we deliver to your doors.

A:Email is the best option: info@brainrichkids.com for tracking purposes but it may be faster to call us at: 1-800-586-1688

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