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Brainrich Kids Play Gym for All Ages


We've been receiving inquiries and questions about the best age to start using the indoor play gym. Do older kids still use them? or even - can an adult use it too?


Here are a few of our answers:

  • Brainrich Kids Play Gyms can be used by all ages. Kids, toddlers, teens, and even adults can use this indoor play gym to exercise and improve their physical fitness, coordination, balance, and strength. 
    • A toddler can play with it while it helps to develop into strong and healthy bodies. You can easily place a few toys on top of the play gym to keep them entertained. Brainrich Kids Play gyms are all adjustable. You can adjust the height of the monkey bars, the pull-up bar, as well as the length of pretty much all other additional equipment: rings, ropes, swings, etc.
      • Kids from ages four to eleven will not get bored and never get used to it. With their imaginative play, they can turn the indoor play gym into a fort, pirate ship, castle, or even turn the top into a reading nook! Also, homeschooled kids can use this as part of their home school physical education requirement. Or use it as part of brain breaks between lessons or work sessions.
        • Teens and adults can use it for exercise or workouts. They can do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, dips, etc. Additionally, we've got a Calisthenics Dips Station that they can use as part of their workout routine. As long as you weigh less than 220lbs, you can go for it :)

          This interactive indoor play gym is a fun way for you and your kiddos to get some exercise and bond together! It can help your kids be occupied while keeping them active and developing their skills and imagination. As parents, you have the opportunity to be part of their experience by guiding them.


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