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Your indoor home playground is the answer to motor skills development, sensory play and active fun!

Stop depending on the weather and let your kids burn their endless energy at home in a fun and healthy way.  

Made for kids K-12, kids with special needs, teenagers and active parents. bye to the days of boring healthy snacks!

Which type of Play Gym Is Right For Your Home?

Do You Have Standard Flat Ceilings?

Your best and most versatile options are our Tension-Mounted Play Gyms!

Do You Have: Vaulted, Angled or High Ceilings?

Consider one of our Wall-Mounted Play Gyms!

Safe + Strong

Our play gym structures are made using high quality metal which means that they are STRONG and last longer than wooden materials.

Play gyms can safely support multiple people at the same time, adults included!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information!

Encourage Family Fitness!

Every inch of our play gyms are usable in a wide variety of exercises for whole-family fitness!

Brainrich Play Gyms modular design, and carry a wide variety of "Add-Ons," to build a custom Play Gym for any age.

Everything Calisthenics

Help your kids practice balance, coordination, dexterity, focus + awareness, while engaging in independent, cooperative, or imaginative play!

Play gyms support full body fitness to improve posture, ligament + upper body strength!

Our Play Gyms are Modular!

Modular design means, that you can build your own Play Gym configuration based on your space and needs. Just like building blocks, our Play Gyms can be customized and assembled specifically for your family, age and size of children, and home.

With our fully adjustable tension-mounted gyms, you can:

  • Raise or lower the monkey bars, and pull-up bars to accommodate varied heights of your family members
  • Or segment the play area by using 1 set up pull-up bars on one side of the Play Gym, and the 2nd set on the opposite side of the structure

If you have no restrictions and your ceiling is flat between 7'5" and 9'2" then your best option will be on of our tension-mounted play gyms because they're the most versatile.

When you install a Tension-Mounted Play Gym in the centre of a room, there will be space for your kids to SWING IN ALL 4 DIRECTIONS. This also allows you to separate Play Zones so your kids don't fight for the same swing.

For example: when you order the Spider V2, you will actually get 1 box with Model T2 and another box with the Monkey Bars. 
If you add another set of Monkey Bars to the Spider V2, now you've created the Spider V2 Max!
modular design play gym

Need Financing? No Problem!

We have some amazing partners that will help you to spread your payments for up to 12 month!

For example, you can pay as low as $42/month for 12 month for Model T2 play gym with Slice it with Klarna payment option.

You can also choose interest-free options with Afterpay and pay bi-weekly for the next 6 weeks. 

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Wall mounted gyms are suspended 9" off the wall and will fit under 7ft basement ceilings. They are also perfect for a room with over 10ft or slanted ceilings where tension-mounted gyms can not be installed. Tension mounted play gyms can be literally placed in the middle of a room and be accessed from all sides. You can separate the play zones by mounting pull-up bars on the opposite sides and having swings on all corners. Tension-mounted play gyms are much more versatile. They are also fully adjustable and expandable.

A: Before COVID we would ship orders placed before 4pm EST the same day. Orders placed after 4pm EST would be shipped the next business day. They would arrive in just 3-5 business days to you. During COVID, shipping times may vary. You can find the most accurate estimates under each product description page. Some models and/or colors may ship faster than others. It is also a good idea to give us a call at 805-203-6695 if you need a bit more accurate estimate.

A: We have financing options through Afterpay as well as Klarna! These flexible payment options allow you to pay for your order in installments. Both options are interest-free if paid in 2 months. Klarna provides up to 18 months plans but charges a small percentage.

A: We do not currently sell mats, but you can find some great options on, or simply Google or Amazon.

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