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Play Gym is the answer to motor skills development, sensory play and active fun at home!

Stop depending on the weather and let your kids swing, climb, burn their endless energy and gain confidence - all at the convenience and safety of your own home.   

Step 1: Choose the Play Gym that is Right for You

Choose the right Type and the appropriate Size based on your needs and space requirements.

Both types are certified to hold 220lb of weight and can be used by the whole family.

Type 1: Tension-Mounted

Require a flat ceiling that is minimum 6'10" high for the Basement version or 7'7" for the Standard one.

Modular concept. Start with the Model T2, then add one or two sets of Monkey Bars and you will get Spider V2 orSpider V2 Max configuration, respectively.

Fully adjustable: raise or lower your Monkey Bars or the pull-up bars. Move them around and build various setups.

Move anywhere. Place it in a middle of a room and let your kids swing in all 4 directions!

Footprint Size and Functionality

Modular Design allows you to start small with model T2 or W2 and grow it with your kids.

Tension-mounted Monkey Bars are 3'8" wide and allow you to hang various addons and sensory swings right underneath them.

Build your own sensory play room setup by adding as many Monkey Bars as your space and budget allows you.

Kids playing in jungle gym

Step 2: Get Excited for the Installation Party

Assembly does not require any prior experience or special skills but it will take time.

Watch the Assembly Videos ahead of time and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

We can even do a FaceTime or Zoom call if needed.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Our Play Gyms are designed to improve your kids spatial awareness, coordination, balance and focus.

The more the play the more confident they become.

Early development of this kind will help your kids to avoid slips and falls when they grow up.

We use only top quality safe-for-kids non-toxic steel, paint and plastic materials.

The Steel frame is certified to hold 220lb of weight.

Feel free to also join Brainrich Kids Chatter Facebook group and ask our community about their experiences.

A: Shipping times may vary based on the product availability.

At the moment, we ship 3-4 times per week and UPS delivers in just 3-7 business days.

Some models and/or colors may ship faster than others.

Feel free to give us a call at 805-203-6695 if you need a more accurate estimate.

A: We have financing options through Afterpay as well as Klarna!

These flexible payment options allow you to pay for your order in installments. Both options are interest-free if paid in 2 months.

Klarna provides up to 18 months plans but charges a small percentage.

A: We do not currently sell mats, but you can find some great options on, or simply Google or Amazon.

Step 3: Join the Brainrich Community

Get Design Ideas. Learn about the Benefits. Show your Play Room. Make Friends.

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