Monkey Bars and Model T1 Home Play Jungle Gym for kids. Includes gymnastics rings, climbing rope, wooden swing, climbing rope net. Additionally equipped with a metal curved ladder. Floor-to-ceiling tension mounted and extended to fit 10ft ceiling.

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Your indoor home playground is a place for the gross motor skills development, sensory play and active fun!

Stop depending on the weather and let your kids burn their endless energy at home in a fun and healthy way.  

Made for kids K-12, kids with special needs, teenagers and active parents. 

Most durable "toy"

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Got very high or angled ceiling? Choose Model W2 or Model W2 Max

Wall-mounted Model W2 is only 9 inches off the wall and it barely takes any space. It is 4 feet wide but it has everything your kids will enjoy: monkey bars, climbing net, a ladder with rubber-coated massage steps.

It already comes with a trapeze, specially designed gymnastic rings that don't hurt still developing kids' hands, and a climbing rope. 

16" wide ladder and 32" wide net are perfectly aligned with the studs in your walls that should be located precisely 16" apart. 

Model W2

Regular price $499.00

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Model W2 Max

Regular price $775.00 Sale price $699.00

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Want more flexibility? Consider Model T2

If you've got a flat ceiling between 7' 5" and 9' 2", then this might be a good option for you. 

If you have 1-2 kids of different ages, the flexibility of the Model T2 allows you to place one pull-up bar higher than the other. This means that your little one will be as engaged and safe as your older kid. 

Tension-mounted gyms allow you to place them against the wall, in a corner or even in the middle of your most popular place at home. 

Model T2 is also a great starter model as you can later add a set of Monkey Bars and turn it into a larger Spider V2 model. 

Model T2

Regular price $450.00

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Need more variety or space for addons? Consider Spider V2

Spider V2 is a combination of the Model T2 and the Monkey Bars addon. 

This tension-mounted play gym requires the same flat ceiling between 7'5" and 9'2" and a bit more floor space but it lets do so much more with it. 

Model T2 is great but kids just love their Monkey Bars! They love the Net as well. 

You can also separate play areas so kids could stop fighting for the same swing. if you have 2 or more kids, Spider play gym is a must!

...and don't feel limited to the addons we have in our store... hang whatever swing you find elsewhere and enjoy it! 

Spider V2

Regular price $749.00 Sale price $699.00

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Want to have an ultimate playground at home?

If space and budget are not an issue, then you and your kids will have an absolute blast with the Spider V2 Max! 

More Monkey Bars, more Net, more options to add more Swings!

Just one little warning. Your friends might get jealous and you will host a lot of home play parties! 

Spider V2 Max

Regular price $1,048.00 Sale price $950.00

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Brainrich Kids Model W1 Home Play Gym. Wall-mounted wall bars with a climbing rope net and monkey bars. Gymnastics rings and a climbing rope are included.

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Spider Wall Home Play Jungle Gym for Kids with massage steps. Home playground for the whole family.

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