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Model W3 Max

Space Grey

Model W3 Max is an even bigger wall-mounted playground for your kids.

This is a well-familiar expansion of a popular Model W3. You get one more set of wall-mounted monkey bars. 

You can now place even more addons and enjoy a longer monkey bars track. 



Q: What are the dimensions? 

A: Same as the Model W3. The ladder is 16" wide and the net part is 32" wide. In total, you will have 32"+16"+32" = 80". It is 9" off the wall. It is 6' 3.5" tall. 


Q: Can the two sets of wall-mounted monkey bars be placed side by side? 

A: The only way to assemble Model W3 Max is Net-Ladder-Net. This is because if you place two monkey bars next to each other they will clash on the connecting pipe. In other words, at the moment, that would not be possible. 


Q: Can you upgrade your existing Model W3? Can I upgrade my existing pre-order of the Model W3? 

A: Yes, you can. You will just cover the difference in price for the additional monkey bars.


Q: Can one set of the W3 monkey bars be lower than the one on the other side? 

A: Because Model W3 is not adjustable by design, monkey bars are not adjustable.


Q: Do I need to place plywood on the wall to mount it? 

A: We recommend placing a 3/4"x4"x85” plywood plank to simply protect your drywall from dents. You can place smaller squares under each wall mount and the top three bars. Plywood is optional if your studs are indeed 16" apart. 

Use a 1/4 drill bit

In those rare cases when your studs are 24" apart, you would have to attach to the wall a much thicker and stronger 2x4 deck-type wood first. Then you would align the left and right poles to the studs and connect the middle pole of the Model W2 to the 2x4 itself.

Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding the installation. 


Q: How do I find the studs? 

A: Use magnetic or electric stud finders. You can get one on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.


Q: Does it hold 220 lb? 

A: Yes, indeed, the metal frame does hold 220lb of weight load. We test all of our gyms to hold 440lb, which is why we can advertise half the weight. 

Please note, that some add-ons may hold a bit less weight. Rope limits may vary and so is the durability of some swings that you may find on the aftermarket.