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The 3 Benefits of Exercise to Kids

When adults hear the word “exercise” or “physical activities”, they think of doing heavy lifting or working out at the gyms. For kids, it means playing during their break time, running, playing tag, riding bikes, dancing, or climbing. Encouraging your kids to be active will help them develop in different ways, not just physically, but also improve their emotional, mental, and social health.


Physical Health Benefits

The number one benefit from daily exercise will help your kids have stronger muscles and bones. They improve their strength by simple pull-ups, climbing, or crunches. Aerobics (running, swimming, bicycling, soccer, etc.) is an excellent way to develop endurance. The kid’s flexibility will also improve by stretching, bending, reaching a toy, or even doing a cartwheel.


Emotional & Mental Health Benefits

We all know of the saying, “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”, and physical activities are correlated with the cognitive development of your kids. Research says that engaging your kids to become active will promote positive mental health and help them get better sleep and more energy. Doing exercises will make their bodies feel good, producing a feeling of happiness and a good mood. Also, if you have a kid who experiences anxieties, keeping them busy with physical activities will switch their focus to develop new skills and have a sense of accomplishment.


Social Health Benefits

Kids who are physically engaged with sports or other activities, whether individually or in a group, are more likely to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. Exposing them to these opportunities can improve their social skills by interacting with different people. The act of sharing and building rapport with other kids will give them a sense of belonging.


Engaging your kids to stay active at a young age will greatly benefit them when they get older. Though other kids might be inactive for some time, remember that it all starts with a simple play. Be an excellent example for them by living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring them in physical activities by creating fun activities. 

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