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The 4 Things Every Parent Should Know about Brainrich Kids Add-ons

      We created our play gyms to be modular so that you can build your own configuration depending on your space and needs. Exploring a variety of things you can attach to your indoor play gym will bring more action and excitement to your kids. 
       There are four basic add-ons that you’ll get in every play gym set. We didn’t place them just for random accessories, but we believe that each of them has significant value to your kid’s development. 
  • Gymnastic Rings
    Gymnastic rings are not only made for gymnasts but they are also great equipment for beginners especially for kids. Using these rings will strengthen your kid’s upper body by holding and hanging onto the rings. Swinging with the rings will also provide better posture and good stretch and exercise. As your kids become more interested in the play gym, it will lead them to unleash and learn new techniques. We can’t say but it might open up opportunities for them to get into gymnast sport ;)


  • Trapeze
    Just like gymnastic rings, a trapeze can develop your kid’s core strength and help improve flexibility and coordination. Also, holding the trapeze bar will allow them to enhance their grip strength and dexterity. As kids become more playful, they’ll enjoy swinging back and forth in different positions - they can hang using their hands, feet, sit on the swing dangling or do gymnastics.


  • Climbing Rope
    Attaching this equipment to your indoor play gym can give an extra challenge of climbing that requires more balance. Kid’s coordination will be developed as they control climbing over their feet and hands; and as they reach the top of the rope, pulling it will build a strong core and sense of accomplishment.


  • Rope Ladder
    This is also an amazing tool for promoting coordination, balance, and overall dexterity skills. If the rope ladder is installed diagonally, it will create some sort of suspension bridge which is super fun. It will add another dimension and help to further increase spatial awareness skills.


      Kids will effectively learn when they enjoy the things they are doing. Engaging them in these activities will improve their motor skills while having fun. This will help them develop physical and sensory-motor skills that will help them to thrive at home, at school, and within the community.

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