About Us

About BrainRich Kids

Our mission is to provide every kid with an opportunity to get a head start in having a better body and a smarter brain.

– Yegor Nadvornyy, founder.

The idea behind BrainRich play gyms and games is simple: when kids’ bodies work their brains work too. We will share lots of great scientific information with you but it is also just a common sense. Chances are, we don’t even have to sell you on this idea at all – if you love your kids and wish them well, we are pretty sure we are on the same page.


When we were kids, we had one of this gyms in our home and we absolutely loved it. It gave us more than just some dexterity skills and strength - it was our playground, a hideout or literally a place to hang out. We got a significant health benefit from it growing up and now we want to share our love with you.



We are a family small business located in Bellevue, WA. Our partner is highly regarded for their quality and design manufacture from Russia that had been in business for the past 18 years. They've won several prestigious designs and quality awards in Europe and comply with their more strenuous than US standards. 

We also have our talented designers, webmasters, marketers, bloggers and other great people who we love as well.

Who else we’ve got? You!

Yes, you can also become a part of our company as a contributor to our community,  share your feedback and expertise via blogging, sending us your product suggestions, leaving a feedback for others to see or else.



After looking at many manufacturing options we located a Russian manufacturer who has won multiple innovation, design and quality awards over the past 18 years. Our selected manufacturer has been awarded the TÜV NORD certification. This certification is considered to be the most rigorous certification recognizing those manufactures creating the very safest, most reliable and highest quality products. Our manufacturer is also ISO 9001 certified.  

Our gyms are professionally tested to hold up to 220lb (100kg) weight load and designed to create a safe environment for your kids. 

Our partners are the leaders in their space and do have several copy-cats competitors. We can not guarantee the quality and longevity of their products nor we can be responsible for any service inquiries not related to our own products.