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About Us

About Brainrich Kids

The idea behind Brain Rich Play Gym is very simple. We are providing home playgrounds for every kid so they can play and exercise at the convenience and safety of their own homes. 

These days, for various reasons, every parent is looking for the opportunities to engage kids in healthy and entertaining activities at home.

COVID -19, climate change, political and social unrest - all contributed to the situation when our kids spend so much time at home. We can also resonate with working parents that are struggling to get any work done with kids switching to schooling online. 

Kids are kids. They have so much energy to burn! They also need to be physically active for their physical and cognitive development and that's exactly what we help them do. 

Our steel-based play sets are designed to last for years. We want every kid to have its own playground at home.

Rainy weather, extreme heat, wildfires or COVID shouldn't steal our kids' happy childhood! The outdoor play is great and essential. We want kids to spend as much time playing outside but continue to playing inside as well. 



If we can make a positive impact on our kids, we can literally change their entire lives. 

Every kid can greatly improve their gross motor skills by being more physically active. Physical activity is directly correlated with the cognitive development of your kids

There are some kids, however, that have special needs for their development. When we started this company, we honestly had no idea how much impact we were about to bring to the autism spectrum community. 

For kids with autism our home play gyms provide that much needed ability to burn energy and stay active in a safe environment, especially these days.

The outdoor playgrounds, schools, day cares and kindergartens as well as physical therapy centers  may be closed but not the home play gym :-) 

Seeing joy and smiles on kids' faces is probably our greatest reward, especially when we can help kids that need it most. It is just priceless! It melts our hearts.

We love getting thank you notes from relieved and thankful parents. It is our joy and great responsibility to be a part of your family. 



We are a small, family-owned, business that has originated in Bellevue, WA but is currently located in Miami, FL. 

Our founder Yegor Nadvornyy had one of these indoor gyms when he was a kid. He and his sister had it for years. Almost 30 year later, that very gym is still standing in their parent's house in Ukraine. It is not as nice as the ones we make now but it still shows that it can become the most durable toy that your money can buy. 

The idea of the Swedish wall is about 50 years old. Home play gyms are very popular in Eastern Europe and almost every kids center has a variation of a climbing of it because they know how beneficial they are. 

There are many manufacturers out there that produce all sorts of play sets from all kinds of materials but not all are equal. 

We chose a manufacturer in Russia with the longest history of producing the highest quality play gyms. We've increased the requirements for the types of the materials they use to make sure that our play sets adhere to the most stringent US and European safety standards. 

We use non-toxic paint, food grade plastic, and the lead-free components. They are not cheap but want to make sure that your kids get the safest and most durable equipment possible. Simply put, our play gyms are not the same - they are just the best ones. 

We strive to make the best product for your kids with love and attention they deserve. 





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