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What is Neurodiversity?


Neurodiverse is an umbrella term that refers to individuals who learn, think, and behave differently. The idea of Neurodiversity embraces the concept that neurological differences like Autism or ADHD are natural variations in how the human brain works.

It is a new way of thinking about people who think differently. It recognizes that there are different kinds of minds and that every mind has something valuable to contribute to society. These differences should be respected just as we respect differences in culture or language.



When we started this company, we honestly had no idea how much impact it would make on Neurodiverse kiddos. Our home play gyms are a safe and effective way for them to burn off excess energy and stay active, even when it’s not possible to go outside.

As we enter this new series, we will learn more about supporting Neurodiverse kids, different sensory toys, sensory activities, and hearing advice from their parents and OTs. 

We believe that we all can make a difference and positively impact each kid who needs our help! 🤗

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