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How can I prepare my space before my Brainrich Indoor Play Gym Arrives?

Are your kids ready to start the fun? They are about to experience a whole new level of play and fun. Below are the things you need to keep in mind before your Brainrich Kids Play Gym Arrives!

Check your inbox for your order confirmation. Remember the Play Gym parts come in different shipments.


STEP 1: Check the boxes and labels

Double-check that your order matches what you received the color and the model. Once it's opened it's hard for us to take it back if you need to change it.


STEP 2: Plan and Prepare

Planning your space and with proper layout of parts and equipment will save you 1-2 hours in assembling. Watch the assembly videos and read the manuals.


STEP 3: Create your configuration

Build your own play gym configuration based on your space and needs. You can raise or lower the monkey bars, and pull-up bars to accommodate the varied heights of your family members or segment the play area by using 1 set of pull-up bars on one side of the Play Gym, and the 2nd set on the opposite side of the structure.


For more tips on installation, see various configurations, more playroom inspiration, and ideas on swings and add-ons, join our fun-run Facebook Group!




STEP 4: Enjoy Brainrich Kids Play Gym!

Let your kids swing, climb, burn their endless energy and gain confidence - all in the convenience and safety of your home!


Find the detailed information here:

Tips to Prepare for your Play Gym Assembly 

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