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Ultimate Open-Ended Playroom Guide

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Kids need play to strengthen their behavioral and emotional well-being, promote independence, and enhance physical fitness. And creating a playroom for your kids should encourage them to play! Kids need to feel their room is a space that welcomes them, so make sure you include them in the design process. You can ask about their favorite colors or toys and apply them in the room.
We need to consider three things in making a playroom for your kiddos!
Kids will be kids, especially when it comes to playtime. Give them a space that gives them the freedom to play, explore, and learn through play. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some essentials that will make the room nice, clean, and safe. 


Organizing and decorating kids playroom is a crucial and tough task, but it’s possible. Having a kid-friendly playroom will make them experience more joyful and inspiring. Kids grow up fast, so let's take advantage of the moment and design their playroom into a place they love to spend time in. 

Here are a few must-haves:

  • Storage Bins

Try to separate the toys based on their type and size in containers, shelves or trays. Keep things organized and maintain cleanliness by having a toy storage bin with a lid or a box that can be easily moved around so kids can pick up as they go.

  • Tables and Chairs

Provide an area where they can paint, play with dough or slimes, sand, etc. Exposing them to these little crafts will help them grow in an open-ended play. It can be the place they create their first masterpiece, or the location they plan their next great adventure.

  • Chalkboard

If your kids always seem to color the wall, why not give them a chalkboard instead? Write and draw anything they can think of and allow them to decorate the boards freely! :)

  • Shelves

Include shelves and cabinets for more storage. Design the shelves with creative artworks or framed pictures to brighten the room. 

  • Reading Nook
Add a space where you and your kids can sit and read. You can also place a bean bag or fur rugs to make it more comfortable.


In the open-ended series, we have talked about one way to encourage them to open-ended play: investing in toys. Aside from arts and crafts, building blocks, books, stuffed animals, kitchen, or tools playsets, you may also want to invest in toys or types of equipment with more room for fun and action. Kids don’t sit still when they are playing. You can add a mini ball pit, cozy fort, swings, slides, or monkey bars. Find out: Open-Ended Toys



Get Inspired!

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