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Sensory Play for Neurodiverse Kids

Sensory play allows neurodiverse kids to explore different ways of discovering how things work in the world, including how people interact with their surroundings and people around them and how their bodies react to other sensations. Such activity is free from right and wrong answers and allows them to learn in an unstructured environment.


Let’s dive into three ways how sensory play can help Neurodiverse kiddos!


1. Sensory play can help your kids to learn.

Sensory play is a powerful tool for learning about the body and interpreting and processing the world around your kids. As the kids use more of their senses to learn about the world around them, they can better remember what they have learned. Neurodiverse kids explore their world and make sense of what we see, smell, taste, feel, hear, and think!

In addition, neurodiverse kids can develop their attention and focus when interested in specific areas, such as sensory activities. For example, they may focus on an object or toy and make eye contact with people for a long time. If they can practice these skills during engaging activities, they will be able to improve their attention and focus in other settings.


2. Sensory play can boost communication and language.

When kids describe the sensations they experience and the fun they have during sensory play, they learn more about words and develop a descriptive vocabulary. For example, when kids painted or walked on textured surfaces, learning different adjectives through these activities will allow them to express their feelings or emotions.


3. Sensory play promotes social interaction.

When neurodiverse kids play with neuro typical kids, they often find themselves in a world where they are different. Sensory play can help them feel more comfortable and confident. With the support of parents like you, they may eventually learn to exchange toys, play collaboratively, and use other social skills. By encouraging friendships between kids of all abilities, they can become comfortable with and accept differences.

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