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Here Are Some Tips to Prepare For Your Play Gym Assembly

Before Opening Your BOX Checklist:

1. Double-check that your play gym actually fits your ceiling height. Once it's opened it's hard for us to take it back if you need to change it. You can quickly look this up on the play gym product page.
  1. Standard tension-mounted models require a minimum of 7’7”, Basement needs at least 6’10”. 
  2. Basement Models will have the letter “B” on the box. 
2. Double-check that your order matches what you received the color and the model.
    • Model T2:
      1. Box 1: Brainrich Gym Ladder (Model T3) on it, this is just a production name
      2. Box 2: Large pizza - size box that will say “Movable Frame”
    • Spider V2: 
      1. Box 1:  Brainrich Gym Ladder (Model T3)
      2. Box 2: Monkey Bars
      3. Box 3: Movable Frame / Pull-up Bars
    • Spider V2 Max: 
      1. Box 1:  Brainrich Gym Ladder (Model T3)
      2. Box 2: Monkey Bars
      3. Box 3: 2nd set of Monkey Bars
      4. Box 4: Movable Frame / Pull-up Bars
    • Model W2: 
      1. Box 1: Model W3
      2. Box 2: Wall-Mounted Monkey Bars
    • Model W2 Max: 
      1. Box 1: Model W3
      2. Box 2: Wall-Mounted Monkey Bars
      3. Box 3: 2nd Wall-Mounted Monkey Bars
    • Add-on:
      1. They will come in their own box. If you ordered a curved ladder and classic swing, we package them together
      2. If you ordered extension ladders they will come in separate boxes

    3. If you noticed any inconsistencies or simply want to double-check, please give us a call asap at 800-586-1688. Alternatively, you can email us at info@brainrichkids.com  subject: order # Customer inquiry

    4. Consider purchasing the plywood boards from Home Depot ahead of time. These boards help to spread the load on your ceiling or your drywalls. It is highly recommended to use them.

    1. Here are the dimensions and quantities for each model 

        1. Model T2: 1 Plywood piece, 3/4 inch thick 24 by 24
        2. Spider V2: 2 Plywood pieces, 3/4 inch thick 24 by 24
        3. Spider V2 Max: 3 Plywood pieces, 3/4 inch thick 24 by 24
        4. Model W2:Use the studs finder to locate the studs in the walls and attach the plywood to at least 3 of them to be safe. You will need a 5ft - 6ft long piece of 3/4 inch plywood which you can easily find at any local Home Depot.
        5. Model W2 Max: 3/4"x4"x85”plywood plank to simply protect your drywall from dents. Youcan place smaller squares under each wall mount and under the top three bars. Plywood is optional if your studs are indeed 16" apart. 
          1. Use a1/4 drill bit
          2. In those rare cases when your studs are 24" apart, you would have to attach to the wall a much thicker and stronger 2x4 deck type wood first. Then you would align left and right poles to the studs and connect the middle pole of the Model W2 to the 2x4 itself.

    2. Example of tension mounted play gym with plywood pieces

    3. Example of Wall-mounted play gym with plywood pieces

    4. Here’s a tip: If you get the paint samples that match your ceiling or wall color and paint them ahead of time. It will look seamless

    5. Other tools that might help speed things up:

    1. Might as well get this if you’re in Home Depot, get them off amazon or borrow from a family member or friend!
        1. Magnetic Stud Finder: To find where your studs are in the ceiling or on the walls. Depends on your play gym
        2. Buble level: this is important because you want to make sure the gym is level
        3. Drill Bit should be 13 millimeters wide: This can save you a lot of time if you use it.

    6. Watchassembly videos
    7. Before proceeding withassembly please watch the video 😅 this is for the confident people that "don't need the manuals or videos"...immediate benefit = less fighting with significant other 🤣 😅 😉 🙃


    Starting Your Assembly Process:

    8. Before proceeding with assembly please layout the pieces just like in the video to make sure you have all of the pieces. We can typically send you parts with 1-2 business days. If you need parts,email us at info@brainrichkids, subject line: order #- Missing Parts

    1. Example of how parts can be laid out

    9. Plan your space: Could save you 1-2hrs!

    10. If you get stuck and are in need of immediate help, message us on Instagram or FB because you'll get a faster response. We can then set up a Facetime/Zoom call with you if necessary

    11. We also have a Facebook group that is very responsive and will help answer installation questions/ concerns as well. They're AMAZING

    12. Other tips we’ve compiled on the FB group: Search under topics called #installation or click thislink. If it doesn’t open then you need to join the FB group :)

    13. Have patience, It's not hard to build, it just takes a little time :D: 

      1. Build-in Phases:
        1. Phase 1: build the model T2 typically within 1-3 hrs, kids can already play. 
        2. Phase 2: add a monkey bar that turns into a spider, it'll be much fast, typically 45-90min. 
        3. Phase 3: add a second set of monkey bars for the Spider V2 Max, another 45-90min. 
        4. Phase 4: Add-ons to the very end and also the bolts cover typically 45-90min.

    14. Share your progress, before and after on the Facebook group for other families to see

    You can also watch this on our Youtube channel if you're more of a visual and auditory person! 



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