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Checklist for how to choose your home play gym:

Wall Mounted Vs. Tension Mounted Home Play Gyms. Made from high quality steel and designed to hold 220lb weight load on a frame.

model w2 in orange


model spider v2 max with two kids and mom

Wall mounted home play gyms or Model W2 are usually for families with:

  1. For any ceiling height
  2. Super high ceilings
  3. Angled/cathedral type ceilings
  4. Is there an option to expand the Model W2?

You can expand it with another set of wall-mounted monkey bars and turn it into Model W2 Max

model w2 max with another w2 max in orange

  1. Typically no more than two kids, maybe three

Tension-mounted home play gyms or Model T2, Spider V2, Spider V2 Max are usually for families with:

  1. Ceiling heights that start at 6 foot 10 inch and can be expanded to 10 feet.
  • If your ceiling height is higher than 9 feet 1 inch, you can expand the height with extension ladders to 10 feet
  • House, apartment
  • Where in your home? kids bedroom, basement, garage, living-room, spare bedroom, dinning area, small awkward corner, literally anywhere

spider v2 max fort configuration in orangespider v2 max in grey with colorful carpetspider v2 in orange in awkward corner
  • One or more kids
  • Offer a basement height as well for ceiling heights 6 feet 10 inches to 8 feet 5 inches
  • Endless opportunities to configure your tension mounted gym with monkey bars
  • Add as many add-ons as you'd like

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