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Why do people love Spider V2?

While we all want everyone to enjoy the indoor play gym safely, we would like to share some key things with you.
It's an amazing feeling when you know you are helping other parents find ways to occupy their kids at home while having fun and learning.


Here are three key benefits why our customers love the Spider V2:


Benefit #1. Perfect starter play set 

This play gym perfectly suits you if you have more than one kid. Kids ages K-12 and all the way to 99 years old can play as long as they don't exceed the 220 lb weight limit on the metal frame ;)


Benefit #2. Sensory Integration

  • Ladder steps and bars are made of stimulating rubber-coat that promotes the development of kids' nervous system.
  • You can add more sensory equipment such as sensory swing, yoga hammock, etc.

Benefit #3. Modular and Adjustable

Our gyms are like building LEGOs; you can build first the main ladder, then add the remaining parts later and expand them as big as you like. By adding an extra set of monkey bars, your Spider V2 can turn into Spider V2 Max!



Hear what other parents say about Spider V2:


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