Monkey Bars - Brainrich Kids
Monkey Bars - Brainrich Kids
Monkey Bars - Brainrich Kids

Monkey Bars

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Monkey Bars Extension allows you to add and additional functionality to your Model T1/T2 or a Spider home play gym.  

When you add these monkey bars to your existing Model T1/T2 or a Spider home play gyms, you will gain the ability to add a rope net, extra swings, or even a sensory yoga hammock! 

You can even get multiple monkey bars extensions to build a playground that fits your needs. 


Minimum height requirement: 7ft 2 inches

Maximum height: expendable to 9ft 8 inches 

Type: floor-to-ceiling tension-mounted


* NOTE: This is not a stand-alone unit, it does require a Model T1/T2 or Spider gym to be attached to. 


 ** Please note, we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 805-203-6695


Ask a Question
  • Can the pull up bar be attached to the end of this?

    Monkey Bars are modular and adjustable. This means that you can attach Monkey Bars to the Model T2 and it will become Spider V2. 

    You can attach Monkey Bars to the Spider V2 and it will turn it into Spider V2 Max.

    Monkey Bars, when attached to another set of Monkey Bars can be positioned higher or lower and can go long way or sideways at a 90 degree level. 

    If two Monkey Bars are attached at a 90 degree angle, then can be attached to each other and thus will be on the same level. You can also have to Monkey Bars attached at 90 degrees but on different heights. 

  • Can this attach to the end of the W2 monkey bars (a continuous line) or only to the side (an angle)?

    These particular Monkey Bars are tension-mounted between the floors and a ceiling. 
    Otherwise, you will have one leg that is not supported by anything and it wouldn't be safe. 

    If you want continuous monkey bars for the wall-mounted Model W2, then consider Model W2 Max.

  • What are the measurements for the monkey bars add on piece? Can it be added on to the model W2?

    The Monkey Bars add-on is 19" wide and 45" long between the poles. 

    You can add Monkey Bars to the W2 Model, however, you will have to attach it to the monkey bars on the Model W2. 

    This means that you would not be able to adjust the height of the Monkey Bars add-on. 

    Monkey bars can be pressure-fitted between the floor and the flat ceiling that is between 7'5" and 9'2".