Model T2 - BrainRichKids
Model T2 - BrainRichKids
Model T2 - BrainRichKids
Model T2 - BrainRichKids
Model T2 - BrainRichKids
Model T2 - BrainRichKids
Model T2
Model T2

Model T2

Regular price $450.00

This is a home play jungle gym that could be placed even in the smallest kids' playrooms.

The pull-up bars can be installed on the opposite sides or, as another option, one pull-up bar can be opened-up sideways. You can move the pull-up bars up or down to adjust to your kid's height.

Minimum height required is 7' 5"
Expandable to 9' 1"

Height extension steps help to get an additional 1' 8'"

Pull-up bars can be also moved up or down

This jungle gym can be mounted to the wall with the Wall Mounts that are available on our site.

Model T2 comes with:
- Rope Ladder to strengthen the core and develop full-body coordination and balance
- Gymnastics Rings for all kinds of exercises

- Trapeze
- Climbing Rope to greatly improve hands, arms, core and the back muscles - all at once

This gym is equipped with the stimulating massage steps that have a significant impact on kids' neurological health.

No drilling required but the flat ceiling is.

Carpet floors or popcorn ceiling are absolutely fine but we highly recommend putting a piece of plywood to the ceiling to spread the load between the joists.

Our gyms are made with 2 mm high quality steel and designed to hold up to 220 lb of weight. [tested with 440 lb to make that claim ]

We are proud of the quality of our gyms and expect them to serve you at least 5 years.

Installation videos are available here.   


* Please note, we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 805-203-6695


Ask a Question
  • Can you hang a swing on this?


    You can add a swing, a yoga hammock or a hammock chair, TRX, resistance bands etc. 

  • Do you think this would work in a carpeted room??? Thank you.

    Yes! Just one thing to keep in mind. Carpet will get pressed a bit more overnight, so just double check if you need to apply just a bit more pressure to compensate. 

  • Hi! What are the dimensions of this?!

    The ladder is 19" wide. 

    The height is expandable from 7' 5" all the way to 9' 1". You can also expand it by an additional 1' 8" by using extension steps.
    Please note, for obvious reasons, the higher the ceiling, the more you will need to extend the telescopic pole and therefore it will feel less safe.
    That is why, if you have a high ceiling close to 10ft, we recommend choosing the Spider V2 model

    The pull-up bars can be placed on opposite sides of the ladder. If you do so, the total width will amount to 46" (3.8 ft).

    If you choose to install one of the pull-up bars sideways, in a butterfly style, then the widest part will be 65" (5.4 ft). The side with one pull-up bar will be roughly 23" wide. 

    Please note, you need to reserve some space around the pull-up bars for kids to run and swing around.