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Six Types of Sensory Swings for your Brainrich Kids Play Gym

Kids of all ages can benefit from sensory swings, but those with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, or hyperactivity are among the groups that will likely benefit the most. The following is a list of types of sensory swings for kids to help you decide which will work best to add to your indoor play gym.

Yoga or Stretchy Swing

A stretchy swing is a good choice if your kid is drawn to snuggling and playing in small spaces. This swing envelops the kid with calming sensations and vestibular input. In addition to a swinging motion, kids can sit, lay down, and stand in the swing. They will also love to bunch up the soft fabric under their arms or grasp it in their hands.

Pod Swing

Pod swings can help the kids balance, improve coordination and core muscles, and help decrease stress. It gives them an enclosed, safe environment to eliminate stimuli from the kid's surroundings. Because of its light blocking fabric, kids with special needs such as autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder give a calming effect.

Hammock Swing

Kids with sensory processing disorder or autism may feel stressed or angry because they are overwhelmed by their environments. Swinging with a hammock or mesh swing allows them to relax and unwind, helping them process the sensory input they’re receiving.

Disc Swing

The Disc swing is a great option for kids three years old and above since it provides them with challenging play, improves their motor planning skills, and helps them with their core strengths.

Saucer Swing

Spinning swings appeal to many kids because of their exciting motion, and the constant motion can stimulate the vestibular system, much like other forms of movement do. Also, kids find the saucer swing a fun activity since they can lie down, sit, or stand on the swing, taking in a lot of sensory input.

Skateboard Swing

While this swing set enables kids to pretend that they are launching into the great beyond or riding giant waves, it also helps them develop their ability to balance, control their movements, and build core strength and body awareness. It is recommended to use this swing for four years old or above kids.

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