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Why Kids Need Play


Play is like a kid's occupation. Through play, kids learn about their environment. It has a very vital role in a kid's life as much as eating balanced meals, getting a good night’s sleep, and going to school. Aside from the fact that play enhances creativity and imagination, improves literacy, and promotes cognitive development.

These are the top 3 reasons why we should encourage our kids to play:

    1. Play strengthens behavioral and emotional well-being.

    They say experience is the best teacher, so is playing. Play teaches our kids to map-read their environment in ways that they know-how. If they play with other kids they learn to share, work out their disagreements, and even speak out their thoughts. Play can make our kids more relaxed, less irritable, and improve self-regard.

    2. Play promotes independence.

      Kids are always directed by their parents about what, how, and sometimes why they need to do things. In playing they have the freedom to decide their own rules and they play on their own terms. They get to be the leader and the one in power to command. 

        3. Play enhances physical fitness.

        Kids are wired to be physically active. Encourage your kids to lessen their screen time and get more involved in physical activities. Physically active kids not only have healthier bodies but also minds.

        Kids need to have that space and freedom to explore things that interest them, like playing outside, going to the playgrounds, interacting with other kids, and just being themselves. However, COVID happened and most of the things that kids enjoy doing outside they now have to do inside their house. Playing outside is now discouraged if not prohibited.

        As parents, it is important that we provide our kids with this space to explore, have fun, and learn at the same time. That is where we come into the picture. Brain Rich Kids play gyms do not only give your kids the benefits of playing in playgrounds, but it also gives you that peace of mind that your kid is safe from the dreaded virus and still gaining all the benefits of play that he/she deserves inside the comfort of your own home.


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