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Customer Spotlight


One of the best ways to learn about Brainrich Kids is to read genuine customer reviews. For example, see what kind of experiences other customers had when they chose their play gym.

Two days ago, I was surprised when I received an email from Amy, a mother of 3 active boys and a nurse practitioner in the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Clinic. 

Amy’s review:

 “The Brainrich Play Gym is a must-have for any parent. As a mom of 3 active boys, ages 3, 6, and 8, I am confident this is the best purchase we have made in our home. 

Prior to having the Brainrich Play Gym, our kids had more screen time than I would like to admit. Winters in Iowa got long, and with the pandemic, our kids were not able to attend practices or activities outside of the home. 

“We purchased a Brainrich Play Gym, the Spider V2 Max, for our basement in August of 2020 and gave it to our kids for their Christmas gift in December”

We are so thankful we made this purchase. 

  • Our kids' screen time has decreased substantially since the installation.
  • They average about 1 hour per weekend and do not even look at a screen during the week.
  • Their play, imaginary play, and gross motor coordination have improved so much.
  • It has been covered by blankets and pillows and turned into a spaceship, a classroom, a treehouse, magical rainforest, a classroom, and so many more places.
  • All three boys, with the addition of their friends, easily fit on our Brainrich Play Gym. 
  • Recently, our three-year-old surprised us by going across the monkey bars all by himself.
  • We receive so many comments on how advanced his gross motor skills are.

    Parents are always searching for the best ways to engage their kids!

    Like Amy, we believe that nowadays, every parent is searching for the right opportunities to engage their kids in healthy and entertaining activities at home.

    Our Brainrich Play Gym, the Spider V2 Max, is a perfect indoor play gym, especially if you have more than one kid at home. 

    Additionally, you can always add something like:

    • Swings and add-ons, which include sensory equipment.
    • More space with more play zones result in less fighting for the same swing.
    • Yoga hammock
    • TRX for yourself
    • Resistance bands
    • Climbing grips to strengthen your fingers
    • And much more!

    Our play gyms were tested with 440lb of weight load. So to make it the safest indoor play gym possible, we advertise the maximum allowable weight limit of 220lb. 

    And don't worry about add-ons. All kinds of extra add-ons are available on our website, including the all-time favorite by dads and teenagers – the Calisthenics Dips Station.

     Amy also mentions that she works with many neuro diverse kids with autism, ADHD, sensory integration disorder, sleep disorders, speech-language disorder, and behavioral problems. 

    She's also a huge advocate of physical activity!

    Amy says, “the Brainrich Play Gym provides an opportunity for kids to get off their screens and play regardless of the weather outside as well as not being exposed to others during a pandemic. 

    It also eliminates safety concerns for those kiddos who are a flight risk. 

    There are grants and programs available that vary by state that can help cover the cost of a Brainrich Play Gym if your child has specific developmental delays."

    “I highly recommend investing in these and considering the Brainrich Play Gym for your child."

    We would love to hear from you!

    We would love to hear from you too! Email us at info@brainrichkids.com if you would like to share your testimonial :)

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