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Four Tips on How to Install the Indoor Play Gym in the corner

Have you ever wondered if you can add a Spider V2 Max in the corner of your living room?
Will there be enough space for kids to run around and swing? 
One of the many questions we get from parents is where to put the Brainrich Kids Play Gym, and we got you!
We’ll share some tips about installing the play gyms in the corner and see actual configurations from other parents who’ve installed their gyms at the corner.
Tips on How to Install the Brainrich kids Indoor Play Gym in the corner

Tip #1. Measure your space first.

This step is crucial, measuring your ceiling height and floor space before buying your play gym will guarantee that your play gym will fit your space.

For a better idea, here are the following footprints for each model:

  • Spider V2: 4ft x 24" + 2ft on one or both sides for the pull-up bars.
  • Spider V2 Max: 4ft x 6ft for the Fort Configuration; and 8ft x 25" for the Long Monkey Bars configuration

Tip #2. Safety Zone

  • When installing the Spider V2 Max regardless of which configuration you want, ensure that you leave a small space between the wall and the nets so the kids can still climb up.
  • If you have add-ons, like a curved ladder, classic swing, and pull-up bars, place them on the side where there’s enough swinging space.
  • Consider adding a 3-4ft safety zone in the direction of swinging. 

Tip #3. Mark the Floor

Put painter’s tape or any carpet safe tape on the floor, using the footprints given above mark your floor, so you can also measure the safety zone on the areas where you’re adding a swing or pull-up bars. 

***add 2ft on one or both sides for the pull-up bars/swing (they will not take up floor space, but consider them when adding the safety zone around your gym).

Tip #4. Don't Overthink and check out your Playgym!

  • Most parents start with Spider V2. 
  • Our play gyms are modular you can start with the basic set-up and upgrade or size up as big as your space allows! 


If you think you need more help in choosing your play gym, feel free to answer this short quiz: Choose Your Home Play Gym

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