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Five Benefits of Having Indoor Swings for Kids


One of the things you can hang on our indoor play gyms is sensory swings. And it’s no secret that this is one of the most popular add-ons that parents buy together with their indoor play gyms. 

Swinging is fun and entertaining. But aside from that, swinging has a lot of benefits for kids’ growth and development. Let us take a look at what benefits having an indoor swing can do for your kids.


Enhances Focus & Attention

Swinging can significantly improve a child's attention because the sensory stimulation of swinging helps meet many of the child's sensory needs. In contrast, the increased blood flow to the brain helps them stay focused.

Increases Body & Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is best developed when you let your kids explore their surroundings while playing. Kids can learn to tell the difference between objects based on where they are in relation to their bodies. Swinging in a back-and-forth motion keeps the kids' body figuring out where to put its weight as gravity gives it momentum. This constant adjustment reminds their brain how to hold their body in position.

Helps with Sensory Integration

One way to help your kid calm down is by letting them swing on a swing set. By swinging, the kid is able to focus on something less irritating, which helps them relax and regain their balance. Swinging stimulates the cerebral cortex in the brain, which helps develop focus and concentration.



Builds Hand-Eye Coordination 

Having good hand-eye coordination allows us to do many of the tasks of daily life. When kids swing on a swing, they need to balance their bodies and coordinate between gripping the bar with their hands, flexing their fingers, swinging their arms, and keeping their eyes open. This activity strengthens the muscles and improves coordination.

Mood Booster

Swinging can have a calming effect on kids prone to meltdowns and high anxiety. The gentle sway of a swing triggers the release of endorphins in the body, making them feel happier and more focused. Feeling better physically also positively affects a kid's emotional state; swinging is a great way to help them wind down before bedtime.


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