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A Pull-Up Bar for Your Home Can Do More Than You Think

Our indoor play gym is designed for the whole family while it is used as an additional space to hang the swings, this pull-up bar is somewhat the teens/adults' favorite!

“We love all the add-ons from Brainrich Kids. But this one would be my favorite. It’s so versatile, being able to add swings or ropes from this. My boys are super active and we’ve purchased 4 extra swings to add to their Brainrich gym. They love it!! Plus I can use the swings as well.” ~Amanda Burks

Pull-up bar benefits. Indoor play gym benefits for your kids.

1. Improve Physical Fitness

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, pull-ups can go a long way - it strengthens the physical body, such as arm, shoulder, and back muscles. You can do one or two pull-ups in the beginning until you feel comfortable doing it. This equipment will help build everyone’s stamina and movement.




2. Improve Grip Strength

By exposing your kids to gross and fine motor activities, they will develop hand strength to help them at school and in sports. One example is learning to use the pull-up bars by holding tight, gripping, and re-gripping which will build hand strength.




3. Improve Your Mood

Like many other forms of resistance training, pull-ups have been proven to reduce stress and aid in  reducing fear and anxiety. Many people find that when they take on a new exercise, such as pull-ups at the gym, they feel happier and less stressed after the workout is completed.






Photos by: Charlotte Appel, Sarah Kampmann

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