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Play Gyms

Choose from the wall-mounted Models W2 and W2 Max or tension-mounted floor-to-ceiling Models T2, Spider V2, or Spider V2 Max. 



Model W2 is only 9" off the wall and fits under the 7ft basement ceilings. It is also perfect for the room with over 10ft or slanted ceilings where tension-mounted gyms can not be installed. It perfectly fits studs that are 16" apart. In total, Mode W2 is 48" wide. 

Model W2 Max = Model W2 + Wall-Mounted Monkey Bars. It is 48"+32" = 80" wide.

Wall-mounted models can also be expanded with a tension-mounted Monkey Bars.  



Model T2 has the smallest footprint of them all yet, it is a very functional play gym that comes with a trapeze, climbing rope, rope ladder, and the gymnastic rings that are specifically flattened for the kids' developing hands.  

There are two ways to assemble the pull-up bars that can be also raised or lowered based on your kids' height.


Spider V2 = Model T2 + Monkey Bars. This play gym can be literally placed in the middle of a room so kids could run all around it. So your kids don't fight for the same swing, you can separate the play zones by mounting pull-up bars on the opposite sides and having swings on all corners. 

You can also attach a yoga hammock, TRX, or other swings right under the Monkey Bars where you have more width/space for swinging.

Yes, Monkey Bars are also adjustable! 


Spider V2 Max = Spider V2 + Monkey Bars. You can always expand your Model T2 or Spider V2 play gym with an extra set or two..or three.. of the Monkey Bars. 

*Spider V2 and Spider V2 Max can be extended to a 10ft ceiling with the extension ladders. 

It's like LEGO, you can modify, adjust, and move around your tension-mounted home playground :-)


ADD-ONS:choose one of ours HERE or ask our community for other suggestions!   

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