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Model W3

Space Grey

This modern version of the wall bars, or a Swedish wall, is a wall-mounted home play jungle gym.

This gym will barely take up any space in your room. While compact, the wall bars, as well as the monkey bars, will provide an opportunity for a variety of movements and exercises. 

Monkey bars and the climbing net are absolute kids' favorites! And who doesn't like to swing? This model has it all. Use these wall bars for gymnastics or just have fun!

It is highly recommended to attach 3 pieces of plywood to the wall before mounting the wall bars and then mount the gym on top of them. Most of the walls in the US are made of drywall and that is why you will need an extra measure for your kids' safety. 

Yes, you will need a drill, to be able to mount the plywood correctly to the drywall wall but once mounted correctly this mighty gym will hold a good amount of weight. It is made out of steel and will not bend easily under the pressure. 

The typical, standard, distance between the studs in the US walls is 16" inches. The distance between the poles of the W3 gym is 16" and 32" so it should align perfectly with the studs. However, double and triple-check if your studs are indeed 16" apart and you are placing the screws right in the middle of them.

If in doubt, it is always easier to install the plywood. Feel free to give us a call if you need more details. 

We don't hide the fact that it will take you some time to install it but it will be well worth your time and kids will absolutely love it!


Height: 192 cm (6' ft and 3.5" in) | Non-adjustable

Width: 127.5 cm (4' ft and 2" in)

Depth: 79 cm (2' ft and 6" in)

Maximum load: 100kg or 220lb

Minimum recommended age: 3y/o

* Wall mounts are included, no need to buy them separately for this model.