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Spider Max - Basement

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Light Grey

Spider Max Basement is exactly the same play gym as the standard Spider Max but it is 10 inches shorter. 

 Perfect for your 7ft basement ceilings. 

A flat ceiling that is between 6' ft 10" and 8' ft 7" in.  
 - Two people to assemble 
Kids 3 to 99 years old that love to play! 
- Maximum allowed load on attached equipment: 50kg or 110lb. This means that the metal parts will hold up to 220lb weight limits but a wooden trapeze perhaps not. Just some common sense :-)  
Installed Dimensions:  
* Based on configuration. Please see the dimensions of the Gym Ladder and Monkey Bars
* The height can be extended by 20.47inches or 52cm using an extension ladder.
The expected service life is 5 years and more. 
Common Q&A:  
- Yes, popcorn ceilings are ok 
- The carpet floor is ok 
- The hardwood floor is ok and it will not be scratched. There is a rubber coaster that goes underneath to protect your floors and prevent slippage of the actual play gym. 
-  Assembly videos are available on our site and we are making more. You can always call us if you have any questions in the middle of your installation process.  
** Please note, that we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 805-203-6695.