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Supercharge your Playtime with Telehealth OT/PT Services

Do you remember when COVID hit and you as a parent of a kid with special needs was stranded, not able to  access effective treatments and resources

Do you remember how you  tirelessly try to set an appointment with medical providers and therapists? 

Do you get  frustrated paying for the many treatments and interventions not covered by your health insurance?

Do you ever worry about  whether you are doing enough or doing the right things to help your kid with sensory needs

If you ever ponder yourself with those questions and if you are reading this blog, you probably already know that we have an amazing  tool- Home Play Gym. 

Thousands of happy kids are already enjoying the ability to have a 24/7 available playground at the convenience of their home and you probably already know that as well. 

But.. wouldn't you want to know  how to use this amazing tool to  get occupational therapy benefits as well? Wouldn't you want to learn how to be your kids' own OT at home? 

Brainrich kids + Kinspire!

Kinspire is a pediatric support platform that provides occupational therapy through telehealth to best support the developmental needs of kids and their families.  

  • Instantly access effective treatments and resources on your phone.
  • Maximize the use of your Brainrich kids play gym.
  • Hassle free appointment setting with therapists.
  • Affordable occupational therapy for kids at the comfort of your home.
  • Be your kid’s personal therapist and learn how to incorporate therapist-recommended activities and exercises into playtime.

Imagine having your own library of games and exercises designed to meet your kids sensory needs! 

With your Play Gym and Kinspire app in your pocket, you’re  equipped with the tools and resources to implement effective development therapies with your kid at the comfort of your home.

You will learn how to  use your Play Gym better but you will also learn about many other games that you can play outdoors and with other tools. 

If you want to take your kid’s playtime to the next level, combine your Brainrich Kids play gym with Kinspire’s accessible, online resource of therapeutic play and supercharge your playtime!


Take action today, Buy a Play Gym this April and take advantage of 1-month Kinspire membership at $149 value! Plus, virtual access to your personal Kinspire occupational therapist absolutely FREE!


If you already have a play gym,  click  here to register for Kinspire.

Together, we’re bringing occupational therapy and the playground into the convenience and comfort of your home.


*Because Kinspire also offers 1:1 Telehealth Consultation with an actual OT, we have to limit this offer to the first 25ish People per State
**Kinspire is a new service and is still onboarding therapists in the new states. You will be able to set up your first consultation very fast in the states of FL, CA and CO. Other states may take a few weeks longer, but you will still get your first free consultation within the Free offer timeframe. 
***Kinspire is a third-party service that we simply love but we do not have any data-sharing relationships. We are completely separate business entities and you will have to register with them directly. And yes, they are HIPAA compliant. 

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