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If you want your playgym by Christmas…

What Smart Parents Should Know Before They Shop for Christmas:

  • Congestions  at the ports are still a major issue.  Shipping cost  almost tripled and unexpected delays can happen.
  • We are almost out of everything at the moment but, our next restock is scheduled to arrive at the end of November and please note that  60% of the next restock has already been pre-ordered  and we will ship it as soon as we get it.
  • We will probably run out of stock again by  the end of November, and the following restock we will receive may not arrive in time for Christmas.  
  • If we have the play gym you are interested in stock, the last day to order to get it before Christmas is on the  20th of December.  We know most parents plan this present as a surprise so, you will receive multiple cardboard color boxes with the Brainrich Kids logo on them. We intentionally don't put any pictures on the box to keep the insides a secret. 

What Smart Parents Should Do for Their Christmas Shopping:

  • Pre-order early. Reserve your "spot". You can always modify, upgrade/downgrade at any point before we ship it to you. Check our flexible payment options we offer with AfterPay and Klarna.
  • If you are still deciding between the models due to space requirements or financial concerns, then start with a smaller model.  Our gyms are modular, you can always expand them later.  Even the smallest Model T2 is a very functional play gym for 2 kids.  Don't overthink  and Order your Play Gym first before we run out again. 
  • If you have relatives asking what your kids want for Christmas, we have  Gift Cards available. You can use this at check-out and it will help you lessen your expenses. 

We know how Christmas means to your kids and we want them to have their best Christmas gift ever, so don’t wait for any Black Friday sale or holiday promotions, and as you probably know that from the very beginning we operated with a very low margin. That is why we are super sensitive to any increases in the prices of components and that is why we rarely have any discounts. Nonetheless, we love to help kids who need a play gym more than others so we will still help out families with neurodiverse kids but we can't really afford to do any other specials.  

We can’t wait to see the smiles on your kids face when they see their Christmas present, make sure to send us pictures or tag us. We are as much as excited as you are. Happy Holidays Brainrich Fam!


Check out what we have in stocks at Brainrich Kids Play Gym Collections

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