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Mega Max v3 - Basement

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Space Grey

Take your Spider Play Gym to the next level for even more fun and activities with kids! 

This indoor play gym is a lot of fun! If you have more than one kid and flat ceilings between 6'9" and9'1", don't even overthink it and start with this model.

Mega Max Basement is exactly the same play gym as the standard Mega Max but it is 10 inches shorter.

Mega Max is the Spider V3 Max with an additional set of Monkey bars.

If you have room to spare, this sensory play gym offers a wider range of activities and can be expanded to different configurations to meet every kid's needs. 


BIGGER is always better! Mega Max = Mega Fun!


What's Included in the Set:

- One Gym Ladder, three sets of Monkey Bars, and one set of Pull-up Bars

- 3 Climbing nets

- Gymnastic Rings

- Climbing Rope

- Trapeze

- Rope Ladder


Compatible add-ons: Curved Ladder and the Classic Swing


Adjustable and Modular.  You can raise or lower the monkey bars and the pull-up bars based on your ceiling height or the height of your kids. The length of the add-ons like gymnastic rings, trapeze, swings, and a climbing rope can also be adjusted.

Biggest indoor play gym yet.  It's a wider range of bars, more space, and room for your kids to play. You can add more sensory equipment or various add-ons that you know your kids will love. 

Made of high-quality steel. The parts are non-toxic and have scratch-resistant powered paint. It is also specially designed with stimulating rubber-coated steps and bars to promote the kids' nervous system development.



-Flat ceiling between 6'9" and 9'1". 

Common Q&A:  
- Yes, works with the popcorn ceilings.
- Yes, works on the carpet, tile, and wooden floors.   
-  Assembly videos are available on our site and we are making more. You can always call us if you have any questions in the middle of your installation process.  


** Please note, that we are constantly updating our play gyms, and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 800-586-1688.