Curved Ladder - BrainRichKids
Curved Ladder - BrainRichKids

Curved Ladder

Regular price $59.99

A durable metal curved ladder provides an additional dimension for kids to climb. This is one of the most favorite add-ons to the indoor Brainrich home play jungle gym.

Compatible with all wall- and tension-mounted models. 

You will get a Grey curved ladder if you order a Grey play gym and a Yellow curved ladder if you purchase an Orange play gym. 

If you are making an order for your friends as a gift, you can still leave us a message at the checkout and will provide the color of your choice. 


Ask a Question
  • Does this come in gray?

    Yes. If you don't see that option just yet, please leave a note at the checkout and we will take care of it.

  • Is this a set or just a single curved ladder?

    Curved Ladder is a set of 5 pieces that you could add to any of our play gyms.

  • Can these curved ladders be installed after a gym has already been installed?


    Curved Ladder is an addon and can certainly be installed after you already install you play gym. Absolutely.