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Our Play Gyms are Modular!

Our Play Gyms are Modular!

Modular design means, that you can build your own Play Gym configuration based on your space and needs. Just like building blocks, our Play Gyms can be customized and assembled specifically for your family, age and size of children, and home.

With our fully adjustable tension-mounted gyms, you can:

  • Raise or lower the monkey bars, and pull-up bars to accommodate varied heights of your family members
  • Or segment the play area by using 1 set up pull-up bars on one side of the Play Gym, and the 2nd set on the opposite side of the structure

If you have no restrictions and your ceiling is flat between 7'5" and 9'2" then your best option will be on of our tension-mounted play gyms because they're the most versatile.

When you install a Tension-Mounted Play Gym in the centre of a room, there will be space for your kids to SWING IN ALL 4 DIRECTIONS. This also allows you to separate play zones so your kids don't fight for the same swing.

For example: when you order the Spider V2, you will actually get 1 box with Model T2 and another box with the Monkey Bars. 
If you add another set of Monkey Bars to the Spider V2, now you've created the Spider V2 Max!
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