Wall Mounts - Brainrich Kids
Wall Mounts - Brainrich Kids

Wall Mounts

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Wall mounts allow you to attach your Model T1 play gym to the wall in case your ceiling is too high or at an angle. You could also use Wall Mounts for added frame support. 


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  • Does this work for the T2 model as well?

    Yes, it can. 

    However, keep in mind that the Model T2/Spider ladder is 19" wide while typical studs in the walls are 16" apart. 

    Our wall-mounted models are built with 16" parameters in mind, thus Model W2 is perfectly matching the studs in the walls. 

    If you desire to attach Model T2 to the wall, you would have to attach 2x4 to the wall first and then attach the gym to the 2x4 itself.

  • How do the wall mounts go into the ceiling or walls ?

    You don't need the Wall Mounts for the ceiling. Tension-mounted/pressure-fitted models Spider V2 and Model T1 already have everything needed. 

    Model W2 is also already equipped with its own set of wall-mounts. 

    You may consider getting a set of the wall-mounts in case you'd like to attach the Model T1 to the wall instead of floor-to-ceiling. 

    Rarely, but some people get a set to bring extra security to the Spider models and attach one side to the wall.