Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2 - BrainRichKids

Jungle Gym Dome - Spider V2

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This Jungle Gym Dome is an ultimate indoor home playground for 3+ -year-old kids.


Our new version of this popular home play gym is now comprised of the Model T1 and a Monkey Bars units. The Monkey Bars have only two color options: Orange and Space Grey. 

When you choose a color of the Spider play gym, you will get one side of the color of your choosing (Model T1) and then an Orange Monkey Bars that come with it to complete the Spider jungle dome.

If you order a space grey Spider gym, it will have the space grey monkey bars as well. 


2019 version now comes with an additional pull-up bar and an improved ceiling holds for even better tension distribution and stability. 


You now also have an ability to keep expanding your jungle gym with as many Monkey Bars units as your space allows. 


It comes with everything that the Model T1 has: gymnastics rings, rope ladder, and a climbing rope but you also get a rope net with the Monkey Bars set. 


All kinds of add-ons are available, including our new and hot Calisthenics Dips Station! 


This Play Gym is easy to assemble and does not require any drilling or anchoring. The assembly process does, however, takes several hours! It is easy, but we want to tell you upfront, it will require time. 


This floor to ceiling Jungle Gym Dome structure can hold up to 220lb of weight. 


It requires minimum 7' ft 7" in ceiling height and can be expanded to 9' ft 8" in. 


Installed Dimensions (in inches): 7' ft 7" in (Maximum 9' ft 8" in) (Height) x 7' ft 2" in (Width) x 3' ft (Length)


The height can be extended by 20.47inches or 52cm using an extension ladder and a bar.

Maximum allowed frame load: 100kg or 220lb
Maximum allowed load on attached equipment: 50kg or 110lb

Minimum recommended age: 3y/o

Warranty: 12 month

Expected service Life: no less than 5 years


With an addition of another set of Monkey Bars, you can now build these amazing fully modifiable structures right at your home! 


Ask a Question
  • What if my ceiling is higher than 9’8’’?

    If that's the case, we have two options:

    1. Get two of the Ladder Extensions to get an additional height: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/wall-mounts-and-extensions/products/extension-ladder

    2. If your ceiling is too high perhaps you'd like to consider the wall-mounted Model W2: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/indoor-home-gyms/products/model-w2

    3. You can get the height extension ladders and a set of the Wall Mounts to get extra stability. https://brainrichkids.com/collections/wall-mounts-and-extensions/products/wall-mounts
    Keep in mind, the Spider V2 and Model T1 are the tension-mounted (pressure-fitted) models, so the higher/longer you go the more wabbly it gets and thus may become less secure. 

    4. You can also get a Model W2 and a set of the Monkey Bars: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/indoor-home-gyms/products/monkey-bars
    This will create an interesting combination that would also be more secure. 

    Also, when in doubt, do not hesitate to give us a call! We will be happy to assist.


    Spider V2 is now a combination of the Model T1 and the Monkey Bars unit. 

    When you order Spider V2, you will get two boxes, one with the Model T1 and one with the Monkey Bars in it. 

    This means that you get everything that comes with Model T1: the rings, climbing rope and the rope ladder. This also means that you can place the pull-up bars on the same or different sides of the Spider play gym. 

    Pull-up bars are completely adjustable!

    The Monkey Bars can also be placed at a different height. 

    If you wish to build an even bigger playground, you can then order another set of the Monkey Bars and add it either sideways or extend it the long way. You can get 2-3 or as many as you playroom allows. 

    Popular add-ons include: 
    - Curved Ladder
    - Classic Swing
    - Dips Station - this one is 19" wide and is best suited for adults or older teens. It still holds advertised 220lb of weight!