Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 - BrainRichKids

Spider V2

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Please note, that due to the extremely high shipping delays we may Not be able to deliver this play gym before Christmas. 

During the normal times, we would but right now we are looking at the significantly slower supply chain and shipping times. 

We don't want to spoil your Christmas. We will make our best attempt but we have to make your aware to set the right expectations. 

We are dealing with COVID schedules, Holiday-related delays, Ocean weather, etc. We will do our best to communicate but we will be still at the mercy of the shipping companies that we have virtually no control over.

While we are still expecting to fulfill your pre-order before Christmas it might get delayed all the way to late January or even February. This is just how unpredictable the situation is at the moment. 



This indoor play gym is a lot of fun! If you have more than one kid and flat ceilings between 7'7" and 9'5", don't even overthink it and start with this model. 

This is also a perfect playset for a sensory play. We use specially-designed stimulating rubber-coated steps and bars to promote the development of the kids' nervous system. This play gym can be easily paired with a variety of sensory equipment. 

Virtually everything is adjustable: you can raise or lower the monkey bars and the pull-up bars. The pull-up bars can be placed all on the same or on the opposite sides to separate the play areas. 

You can always add another set or two of the pull-up bars

Kids ages K-12 ..and all the way to 99 years old can play as long as they don't exceed 220 lb weight limit on the metal frame.  

This play gym comes with: 

- specially-designed flat gymnastics rings for kids, the ones that don't bend their wrists to much too early.  

trapeze to build that grip strength. 

climbing rope to develop balance, coordination, and a strong core. 

rope ladder that is also amazing for promoting coordination,  balance, and overall dexterity skills. If the rope ladder installed diagonally, it will create some sort of suspension bridge which is super fun. It will add another dimension and help to further increase spacial awareness skills. 

climbing net that is also great for balance, strength, and coordination.

Kids love having so many various add-ons, and that's why it is such a hit.

Add a sensory yoga hammock or a sensory swing and it will be your kid's favorite place to hang out. 

The hidden advantage of the pressure-fitted home play gym is that it fairly easy to assemble and it does not require any drilling or anchoring

The 2020 version is now a lot easier to install! 

You can place it anywhere: against the wall, one side to the wall, or right in the middle of the playroom where your kids spend the most amount of time. 

The assembly process does take a bit of time, however, the results will be well worth it. 

It requires a minimum of 7ft 7in high flat ceiling and it can be as high as 9ft 5in. This play gym's height can be extended by 20.47inches or 52cm using two extension ladders.


Common Q&A:  
- Yes, popcorn ceilings are ok 
- The carpet floor is ok 
- The hardwood floor is ok and it will not be scratched. There is a rubber coaster that goes underneath to protect your floors and to prevent slippage of the actual play gym. 
-  Assembly videos are available on our site and we are making more. You can always call us if you have any questions in the middle of your installation process.  


** Please note, we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 805-203-6695


Ask a Question
  • We would love to order the Spider V2 for our playroom but we measured and the ceiling height is precisely 7’5”, is there any way we can make it work?

    Yes, you can. 
    Please leave us a note at the checkout and we will give you a shorter version of the tension-mounted play gym that we will introduce around the end of October 2020.

  • Our ceiling is 7' 6.5" will this work for it ?

    Yes, it will but to be safe, please leave us a note at the checkout and we will provide you with a shorter version of our tension-mounted play gyms around the end of October 2020.

  • Is this completely pressure mounted ? Are there any screws that go into the ceiling ?

    No, no screws. It is all pressure-fitted. 
    We do suggest placing a 25"x25"x1/2" sheet of plywood between the gym and your ceiling to spread the load and protect from any dents. 
    You would not need to screw the plywood to the ceiling either.

  • We have engineered hardwood floors. Will the Spider V2 work okay on these floors? Is it recommended to use an area rug underneath the Spider V2?

    Wooden floors are perfectly fine. There is a rubbered piece that is placed on the floor to prevent slippage and scratches on your floor.

  • How much space do you need to allow to comfortably play on this?

    It really depends on how would you position it in your kids' room. 

    You can have it placed in the middle of a room or have one side against the wall. 

    In any case, please allow 3-4 feet of safe space from the edges of the play gym to account for swinging and jumping around it. 

    Please see our updated dimensions under each play gym product description. 

  • Hello - our ceiling is almost exactly 9'5". Do we need an extension? What happens with the side that is only 2250-2770? When do you think the orange will ship? We are looking for something as soon as possible.

    For the ceilings over 9'2" we always recommend adding the extension ladders for better stability. 

    It would also add two extra steps to each side of the Spider play gym. 


  • What if my ceiling is higher than 9’8’’?

    If that's the case, we have two options:

    1. Get two of the Ladder Extensions to get an additional height: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/wall-mounts-and-extensions/products/extension-ladder

    2. If your ceiling is too high perhaps you'd like to consider the wall-mounted Model W2: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/indoor-home-gyms/products/model-w2

    3. You can get the height extension ladders and a set of the Wall Mounts to get extra stability. https://brainrichkids.com/collections/wall-mounts-and-extensions/products/wall-mounts
    Keep in mind, the Spider V2 and Model T1 are the tension-mounted (pressure-fitted) models, so the higher/longer you go the more wabbly it gets and thus may become less secure. 

    4. You can also get a Model W2 and a set of the Monkey Bars: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/indoor-home-gyms/products/monkey-bars
    This will create an interesting combination that would also be more secure. 

    Also, when in doubt, do not hesitate to give us a call! We will be happy to assist.


    Spider V2 is now a combination of the Model T1 and the Monkey Bars unit. 

    When you order Spider V2, you will get two boxes, one with the Model T1 and one with the Monkey Bars in it. 

    This means that you get everything that comes with Model T1: the rings, climbing rope and the rope ladder. This also means that you can place the pull-up bars on the same or different sides of the Spider play gym. 

    Pull-up bars are completely adjustable!

    The Monkey Bars can also be placed at a different height. 

    If you wish to build an even bigger playground, you can then order another set of the Monkey Bars and add it either sideways or extend it the long way. You can get 2-3 or as many as you playroom allows. 

    Popular add-ons include: 
    - Curved Ladder
    - Classic Swing
    - Dips Station - this one is 19" wide and is best suited for adults or older teens. It still holds advertised 220lb of weight!