Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids
Spider V2 Max - BrainRichKids

Spider V2 Max

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Take your Spider play gym to the next level for even more fun and activities with kids of ages 3 to 99 years old! 

You can now hang even more swings and addons including sensory equipment. It will get a lot easier to host larger play parties with more kids. 
More space = more separation of play = less fighting for the same swing :-)  
Spider V2 Max is essentially a combination of the new Model T2 and two sets of Monkey Bars additions. 

As a reminder, all of our gyms were tested with 440lb of weight load, that is why we advertise the maximum allowable weight limit of 220lb. 
Additional Monkey Bars allow you to expand your play gym and make it longer or you can have a 90-degree shape configuration. 
You can have one Monkey Bars positioned lower than the other one or have them on (almost) the same level.  
The pull-up bars are also adjustable. You can place one on one side and another one on the opposite side, as an option.  
2020 updated versions of our playsets are now a lot easier to assemble!  
This play gym comes with:  
- specially designed gymnastics rings for kids, the ones that don't bend their wrists to much too early.  
climbing rope 
rope ladder that you can also install diagonally. This will create some sort of suspension bridge for kids. It is so fun to see kids developing their balance and coordination clinging it!  
climbing net 
All kinds of extra add-ons are available on our site, including the Calisthenics Dips Station that is favored by dads and teenagers :-)  
Keep in mind, you can always put something on and take it off, switch the swings, add a yoga hammock, or even a TRX for yourself. 
That's the benefit of having a very strong play gym that holds 220lb of weight. You can add resistance bands, climbing grips to strengthen your fingers for the next bouldering session or a Ninja Warrior competition. 
Use your imagination and turn your home playground into a fully functional gym for the whole family!  
Spider V2 Max is easy to assemble and does not require any drilling any holes in the ceiling. Full disclosure: the whole process will still take several hours, even with all the improvements we've been making but, you will absolutely love the result! 
A flat ceiling that is between 7' ft 7" and 9' ft 8" in.  
 - Two people to assemble 
Kids 3 to 99 years old that love to play! 
- Maximum allowed load on attached equipment: 50kg or 110lb. This means that the metal parts will hold up to 220lb weight limit but a wooden trapeze perhaps not. Just some common sense :-)  
Installed Dimensions:  
* To be updated
* The height can be extended by 20.47inches or 52cm using an extension ladder.
The expected service life is 5 years or more. 
Common Q&A:  
- Yes, popcorn ceilings are ok 
- The carpet floor is ok 
- Hardwood floor is ok and it will not be scratched. There is a rubber coaster that goes underneath to protect your floors and to prevent slippage of the actual play gym. 
-  Assembly videos are available on our site and we are making more. You can always call us if you have any questions in the middle of your installation process.  
** Please note, we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 805-203-6695. 


Ask a Question
  • How long is the wait on an orange spider v2 max?

    We will receive our restock around beginning of September but due to the high demand we strongly recommend to pre-order one so we could guarantee that you will get it.

  • Do you have any play gyms that would work on a 10 foot ceiling?

    Yes. Spider or Spider Max can be extended with a set of Extension Ladders.