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Model T2

Light Grey

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Model T2 is the first building block for the Spider V2, Spider Max, or Mega Max. 

You can always expand Model T2 by adding a set of Monkey Bars to it. 

Spider V2 = Model T2 + Set of Monkey Bars

Spider Max = Model T2 + 2 Sets of Monkey Bars

Mega Max = Model T2 + 3 Sets of Monkey Bars. 

*Spider V2, Spider Max, and Mega Max come with just one set of pull-up bars. By ordering Model T2 and Monkey Bars separately you will get two sets of pull-up bars. 

Requirements: Flat ceiling between 7' 11" and 9' 11"

Pressure-fitted Model T2 comes with:
- Rope Ladder to strengthen the core and develop full-body coordination and balance
- Gymnastics Rings for all kinds of exercises

- Trapeze

- Climbing Rope to greatly improve hands, arms, core, and back muscles - all at once

- Pull-up bars are fully adjustable and can be moved up or down to match your kids' height. 

No drilling is required but you do need a flat ceiling for this model. 

Carpet floors or popcorn ceilings are absolutely fine but we highly recommend putting a piece of 3/4"x24'x24" plywood to the ceiling to spread the load between the joists.

Our gyms are made with high-quality steel and designed to hold up to 220 lb of weight. 

Installation videos are available here.   


* Please note, we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 1-800-586-1688