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Spider - BrainRichKids


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This is an ultimate indoor home gym for 3+ -year-old kids. It is one of the most popular sets that includes kids favorite parallel bars, a.k.a. monkey bars, with an anti-slip grip, rope net, rings, pull up bar, basketball ring, and a climbing rope. 

It can be enhanced with the rope ladder, swings off all kinds and even a curved ladder. 

This Play Gym is easy to assemble and does not require any drilling or anchoring. Floor to ceiling structure can hold up to 220 lb! 

This particular gym requires a minimum of 7' ft 7" in ceiling height and can be expanded to 9' ft 8" in. 

Installed Dimensions (in inches): 7' ft 7" in (Maximum 9' ft 8" in) (Height) x 7' ft 2" in (Width) x 3' ft (Length)

The height can be extended by 20.47inches or 52cm using extension ladder and a bar.

Installed Dimensions in mm:
- Adjustable Height: from 2350mm to 2730mm
- Length: 1127mm
- Width: 530mm or 860mm counting the pull-up bar
- Recommended safety zone: at least 1m radius from each leg

Maximum allowed frame load: 100kg or 220lb
Maximum allowed load on attached equipment: 50kg or 110lb

Minimum recommended age: 3y/o

Warranty: 12 month

Expected service Life: no less than 5 years