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Wall bars - Model W2 - BrainRichKids
Model W2

Model W2

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This modern version of the wall bars, or a Swedish wall, is a wall-mounted home play jungle gym.

This gym will barely take any space in your room. While compact, the wall bars, as well as the monkey bars, will provide an opportunity for the whole variety of movements and exercises. 

Monkey bars and the climbing net are absolute kids' favorite! And who doesn't like to swing? This model has it all. Use these wall bars for gymnastics or just have fun!

It is highly recommended to attach 3 pieces of plywood to the wall before mounting the wall bars and then mount the gym on top of them. Most of the walls in the US are made of the drywall and that is why you will need an extra measure for your kids' safety. 

Use the studs finder to locate the studs in the walls and attach the plywood to at least 3 of them to be safe. You will need a 5ft - 6ft long piece of 3/4 inch plywood which you can easily find at any local Home Depot.

Yes, you will need a drill, to be able to mount the plywood correctly to the drywall wall but once mounted correctly this mighty gym will hold a good amount of weight. It is made out of steel and will not bend easily under the pressure. 

It is also possible to install this play gym without an additional piece of plywood.

Typical, standard, distance between the studs in the US walls is 16" inches. The distance between the poles of the W1 gym is 16" and 32" so it should align perfectly with the studs. However, double and triple check if your studs are indeed 16" apart and you are placing the screws right in the middle of them.

If in doubt, it is always easier to install the plywood. Feel free to give us a call if you need more details. 

We don't hide the fact that it will take you some time to install it but it will be well worth your time and kids will absolutely love it!


Height: 195 cm (6' ft and 5" in) | Non-adjustable

Width: 127.5 cm (4' ft and 2" in)

Depth: 79 cm (2' ft and 6" in)

Maximum load: 100kg or 220lb

Minimum recommended age: 3y/o

* Wall mounts are included, no need to buy them separately for this model. 

** Please note, we are constantly updating our play gyms and the colors of the steps and/or the addons may change. If you need a color confirmation, please give us a call at 805-203-6695


Ask a Question
  • When do you think the grey Model W2 will be available?

    Roughly by beginning of September.

  • Hello, how far from the wall is this when installed?

    It is 9" off the wall at the bottom. 

    2'9" fro the wall to the tip of the pull-up bar at the top. 

  • For the weight limit of 220lbs, can that be all as one person? So one concentrated weight of 220lbs if they are the only one on there? I have a 13 year old that would love to play on it too! Thank you!

    Yes. We've tested our play gyms with 440lb and that is why we are staying 220lb limit, as it is required by law. 

    Originally our gyms were designed for adults. So yes, a single individual under 220lb can absolutely use our play sets. 

  • Hi, forgive me if I missed this info, but can the ladder on this be placed on either side, or is it fixed? Thank you!

    Yes, you can place the ladder on either side. 
    You can have the ladder on the left and the net on the right or the other way around.

  • Does anything come with the Wall bars - Model W2? Like the rope swing, rings or trapeze bar? Or is it just the wall bars with climbing net?

    Model W2 comes with the rings, trapeze, and a climbing rope as well as the net.

  • Is it possible to extend this gym like the spider and T1 models?

    Yes. You can also get a set of the Monkey Bars attached: https://brainrichkids.com/collections/indoor-home-gyms/products/monkey-bars

    Monkey Bars are pressure-fitted, just to keep that in mind, but it will greatly expand your capabilities. 

    In the future, we will have the ability to expand your existing Model W2 play gym with a set of a net and the Monkey Bars that will be also wall-mounted. 
    We will probably have it in early 2020.

  • do you guys have mats to go with?

    Currently, we do not sell mats but there are plenty of options available out there. 

    We personally love the Nuggets from https://nuggetcomfort.com/

    You can also check amazon for "gymnastics mats", "foldable gymnastics mats for kids" etc. 

    Look for at least 2-3" in thickness and around 5ft long ones. 

    Lastly, you can search for "foldable memory foam bed" on Amazon. It might work similarly to the Nuggets.