Model T1 - Wally - BrainRichKids
Model T1 - Wally - BrainRichKids

Model T1 - Wally

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Model T1 attached to the wall with the use of the wall-mounts. 



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  • What are the dimensions? Do you have a manual to show all of the play possibilities?

    Model T1 and Wally are exactly the same things but the Wally comes with a set of the Wall Mounts so you could attach it to the wall.

    You would consider Wally if your ceiling is too high and there is no way to build tension between the floor and the ceiling. 

    Dimensions are exactly the same as the Model T1

  • What are the dimensions of this unit?

    Because it is exactly the same play gym as the Model T1 the dimensions are also the same. 

    You will get a box with a Model T1 and another box with the Wall Mounts.